Koofsa / kuf-sa / קוּפסָה {Hebrew for Box}

A membership box of

artisanal foods from Israel

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Our goal is for each Koofsa to delight you with a journey through Israel.  Though we don’t want to give away the surprise contents, each box is curated with the finest spice blends, hard-to-find sauces and oils, fun snacks, and other premium products that reflect the diversity of Israeli cuisine.  ~Leron and Inbal

Our Philosophy



Products you will enjoy,
from people you will enjoy meeting

We support local Israeli artisans.

From the remote Negev Desert farms, to olive oil producers in our biblically historic lands, to spice vendors from the cities’ outdoor markets, we seek out and discover the hidden gems tucked away throughout the country.

We choose small-batch producers using the highest quality ingredients, and we promise to share with you their unique stories.  We want you to meet and connect with the faces behind the products – you deserve to know who is making what you are eating.

How Koofsa Works

Israel's Local Food Artisans

How Koofsa Works



Journey to Israel, from your kitchen


How Koofsa Works

  • Join now and receive four uniquely curated Koofsas (Passover, Summer, Rosh Hashanah, and Hanukkah).
  • Each hand-packaged box will include at least 5 of our chosen artisanal products (full-size) together with the producer’s stories, recipes, and pictures for you to collect.
  • Koofsa Members will enjoy exclusive access to our Members Only section, featuring chef-created recipes, special sale products, and Koofsa events.


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